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Howdy Yall. I have a question for Yall? Recently over the past 8 years I have hunted with an old 870 Rem. I have taken over 20 deer, countless dove and ducks. and even a great bird last Spring season. But that last Spring Season taught me that I needed a much lighter gun for the new season coming up. I trampled threw thick brush and walked over 1.5 miles easy threw the woods just to get to a clearing and closer to my bird. I am looking at buying a lighter 12g for turkey hunting. I was looking at a few single shots and wanted to know do yall have any good advice for a new gun for the season.. Thanks and look forward to some replies.

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I made that mistake once. I bought a single shot rifled 12 guage for a hog hunt. it was lighter, accurate and all i needed, right ??? I shot a 250 pounder with that one barrel at about 20 feet and that hog kept moving, all the while i was dropping slugs in the sand trying to reload. 30 feet of open swamp and i never got another shot off, losing that hog. My 870 has dropped about a dozen hogs since, that sinlgle shot junker is long gone.

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