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new gun

okay hers the ? every one asks-im buying a new gun(well actually wife is "letting"

me buy as a christmas present to my Big smile self)
so which gun should i buy?looking 4 interchangable barrels,want to reach out to 200 yds.,and would like break or block breach.
have about 400-600$ to spend,maybe more if i can "hide it from wife"no small task there!!!(good thing she doesnt have my password!!!!!!!)
im kind of leaning towards cva optima elite,or kodiak;would love tc encore if price is in my range.
already have optics and acces.from previous cva model-just lokking to upgrade.
i know the barrels are less $ for cva .
anyhow i will appreciate any input or experiences with these guns-no huge rush as this will be an after x-mass purchase.
thanks all in advance.

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new gun

Well I had a CVA Optima and wasnt very impressed. Tried every load imaginable with it and never could get decent accuracy out of it. Known a few others that had the same problem. Dont know about thier new line thats got the interchangable barrels but they look like a remake of the Optima. I did Just get the Pro Hunter Series from TC ... The .50 cal Muzzleloader with 120 grains Triple 7 and the 250 grain TC Shockwave is holding under one inch at 100 and VERY well capable of 200 yards. The 28 inch barrel is the ticket. And with the New breech design its a breeze to clean.. The 7mm.08 barrel clover leafs at 100 and the .300 win mag is dang near a 1 holer at 100 so Im impressed Thumbs up TC got it right with that line. Also, I saw you said you had optics...But take a look at the new Nikon muzzleloading scope...Its called the Omega and they nailed it to the wall. It has a Bullet Drop Compensating retical and its right dead on Thumbs up Very Bright and clear. Just hide from mammie when the Bank statement comes Laugh

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