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New to the forum - intrested in non resident Dall sheep hunt

Hello fellow hunters.

I'm new to this excellent forum, and I hope I can contribute to it with some hunting stories and pictures from Norway.

I've hunted in the mountains in Norway and New Zealand so far. I get one tag for a norwegian caribou each year, and really enjoy the mountainous areas which they inhabit in Norway. I was lucky and worked at a station in NZ for a year, where I had the pleasure of hunting Tahr and Chamois. i'm currently going back for some work, and will try to do some hunting there too.

For the last couple of years I've started daydreaming of hunting Dall sheep. This idea have started to come daily the last month..
I have an ordinary job, so Dall sheep will remain a distant dream if I can't obtain a self-guided hunt one way or another.. Is it possible for non - resident hunters to do da Dall sheep hunt in Canada or USA (alone)? I've searced with google,and it seems to me that I need an outfitter too? Is that correct for all areas?

I hope someone could point me in the right direction, so i can participate in a draw an hopefully get lucky.

Any outfitters that take clients which has already obtained a permit in a draw?

I can also provide a swap hunt in Norway, or New Zealand, if someone can take me out.



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Re: New to the forum - intrested in non resident Dall sheep hunt

Welcome to BGH. Thumbs up
All of the non resident or alien Dall sheep hunting in North America, that I'm aware of will require a guide. Alaska has a draw system but even if you're successful in drawing a tag you will still need to hook up with a guide/outfitter to hunt them. That I'm aware of all Provinces in Canada require a non-resident alien to have a guide.