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New to forum from CA/OR.

Hey fellers. I am currently living in the Bay Area in CA., but in 3 weeks the family and I will become residents in Redmond, OR. I cannot wait to get there and start hunting and fishing with my two sons, (with a third on the way).

One of my aspirations is to finally be able to get into bow hunting. I've been wanting to get into it for a very long time and now feel that I'll be able to. So if theres anybody I'm the Redmond/Bend area that wouldn't mind helping a newb bow hunter out in a bit, please contact me. Thanks!

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Welcome to BGH! Gonna be some

Welcome to BGH!

Gonna be some culture shock going from the Bay Area to Redmond. What do you do for a living?

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Oh, how I envy you..... I am

Oh, how I envy you..... I am living in a big city in CA, and would love to get back out intot he rural areas.....

A big WELCOME to BGH!  Lots of good people with good info on this site!  Stick around, and throw up some photos and stories of yourself!

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Yeah, I'm looking forward to

Yeah, I'm looking forward to the culture change. I dont belong in this place. I want a slower paced lifestyle. Work to live, NOT live to work. I daydream about hunting and fishin all the time. 

Im a 36 y.o. carpenter by trade. But with the economy in the tubes, still, I've had to take on various jobs just to keep the wolves away from the door. I wish I had some good hunting pics and stories, but I don't have many hunting buddies down here and often hunt solo. Be it ducks or deer. I hope to meet some like minded people up there. I don't plan on missing this years deer season either. Solo or not, ima hunting. Hahaha. 


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