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I just recently moved to Colorado from Iowa. I have loved to hunt and fish all my life. I don't plan on doing any hunting for the first year I am out here but was wondering if any seasoned mountain lion hunters have any tips. I have been on coon hunts before with dogs and feel that a mountain lion hunt would be great. If anybody would be willing to take me on a hunt, just to observe, I would apperciate it.

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I'd have to check the rules, but I don't think dogs are allowed for hunting lions in Colorado. Anyway, what you want to do is go to the DOW website and start reading. Here's a link: http://wildlife.state.co.us/

Most of the best hunting in Colorado requires you to draw a license, so you have to get the brochure and apply early. I think the due date for elk seasons this year, for instance, was in mid-April. So, don't wait until late summer to start thinking about where and when you want to hunt.

Good luck!

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CWags1212, Welcome to BGH! Big smile & Welcome to Colorado! Thumbs up

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Welcome to CO and the Denver area. You are in luck, dogs are allowed to hunt lions. In fact, it's the way most people hunt lions here. There are several outfitters that service the front range and now is the time to find one. Be sure to check references. Outfitters have different techniques so have a good idea in your mind the type of hunt you want. You might also try visiting local taxidermist and talking to them. This gives you a chance to see their work as well. Good luck and have fun in Colorado. Centennial

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