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New to Forum and to big cat hunting

I just recently moved to Colorado from Iowa. I have loved to hunt and fish all my life. I don't plan on doing any hunting for the first year I am out here but was wondering if any seasoned mountain lion hunters have any tips. I have been on coon hunts before with dogs and feel that a mountain lion hunt would be great. If anybody would be willing to take me on a hunt, just to observe, I would apperciate it.

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New to Forum and to big cat hunting

I'm not a Big Cat hunter, Just wanted to say HI and Welcome Big smile

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New to Forum and to big cat hunting

Welcome to the forum. I'm not a seasoned lion hunter. I went last year and did lots of research into finding them. I was tracking and calling. No luck, seems if you have dogs and the time to get off when it snows your chances are pretty good. I've been having better lock with Coyotes this last month and am looking forward to looking for lions again this year.

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