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New to forum

Hi, to all.

I have plenty questions. Are you required to wear a helmet while riding an ATV?

My wife and I plan on visiting Colorado next year and staying for a few months. I plan to try for a muzzleloader tag. As of now looking at GMU 15, but am open to others.

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Welcome to the forum. Lots of

Welcome to the forum. Lots of questions are fine. It keeps us awake.

I'm not sure about the helmet, but I put it in the same catagory as wearing blaze orange. Even if you don't have to. It's a good idea to do it anyway.

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Ask away some of us like to

Ask away some of us like to answer questions. As for a helmet Colorado does not require you to wear one but if you bring a ATV into the state to ride it has to be registered with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  They don't recognize other states registrations nor is there a grace period.


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Where do you normally hunt?


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Welcome! I have no idea about helmet laws there... Sounds like a good idea though.