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Welcome to the forum!  Make

Welcome to the forum!  Make sure to browse around, lots of good info out there!

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Welcome to the forum. You'll

Welcome to the forum. You'll like it here.


We have some units here in Colorado that you can a tag with no points. As an example. Unit 55 1st rifle either sex is no points. Weather is usually still pretty good that time of the year. What I like about the 1st rifle season is it's just for elk. No deer hunters will be hunting. No muzzleloader or bow hunters either, and you catch the end of the rut. My favorite season. If it has a drawback is it's only 5 days compared to 9 days for the other seasons.

It's harder to get deer tags here than elk. I'd pick another state for deer.

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  And I will make it


And I will make it unanimous - Welcome to BGH!  These guys here are very generous and definitely go out of their way to deliver their hunting information.  I have just learned of the ease of hunting in Wyoming and copy the info provided to you.

I lived on Oahu for almost 3 years.  I look back and can kick myself for not getting out and hunting there.  I did do a great deal of scuba diving and enjoyed that a lot... but should have done some hunting.

I look forward to your hunt stories and pictures!  Thumbs up


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Welcome to BGH!!! If you have

Welcome to BGH!!! If you have any ??? about hunting in West Texas/New Mexico let me know.

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Welcome aboard, the umm,

Welcome aboard, the umm, Board! Big smile