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New to Elk hunting.

Hello all. I am new to elk hunting. I put in for a tag for the 2009 elk season with my dad, brother, uncle, and cousin in Montana. Wouldn't you know, we got drawn. My question to you is what areas in MT would be the best area to hunt public land and not have to sleep in the woods. My wife is from the Culberson area and my father-in-law has a ranch out there. Sorry, no elk on his land just wheat and deer. We were thinking about the Fort Peck area 621 because my wife has an uncle that has hunted there a number of times. We would also like somewhere that we could take some time and pheasant hunt also.
Thank you for any advise and comments that you may share.


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New to Elk hunting.

That sounds like a great plan, BUT.... 621 is by special draw only. Now that you've drawn the general tag, you have to apply for the special tag if you want to hunt there. Deadline is usually June 1, which is when the residents also get involved in the drawing.

There are little motels and KOAs in most little towns in Southwest and Central Montana if you don't want to camp. The closer you are to Bozeman, Livingston, Helena, Butte, or Billings, the more hunters you will have. But, some of that Central Montana Country has very good elk hunting like in the Crazies, Big Belts, Judith Mountains, and Snowy Mountains.

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621 is a drawing area to gun hunt for elk, you need a permit and the license you have. drawing the permit ranges from 2% to 4% depending on the year. archery permits are more liberal but hunting pressure is extreme during archery season.

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