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New Dan Wesson

Recieved my new Dan Wesson CCO today. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet and won't for a few days but the fit and finish on this thing is amazing. Got it from BudsGunshop online for a very good price with no interest financing. And since it's out of state save a bunch of money on the tax as well.

I've been waiting a long tiime for one like this.

CCO on top in the one pic with High Standard/Rock Island for comparison.

new gun 004 (640x480).jpg
new gun 004 (640x480).jpg62.39 KB
new gun 006 (640x480).jpg
new gun 006 (640x480).jpg79.38 KB
new gun 003 (640x480).jpg
new gun 003 (640x480).jpg81.22 KB
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That's a pretty nice looking

That's a pretty nice looking gun. I had a Dan Wesson 15V 6" years ago and it was one of the best handguns I ever owned.

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Nice looking gun.  A bit of

Nice looking gun.  A bit off topic, but I don't understand why CZ doesn't spend more money on building up Dan Wesson's revolver offerings though.

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