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...more about ibex and Marco Polo hunt in Asia...

CVC, thank you for your reply and your suggestion! I am a new man in this forum and realy needed a little bit support.

I hope your bear hunt was successful. If i may ask you, which area you hunted there? Last summer i was there (in Kamchatka). We shot 2 snow sheeps and 3 bears. First and second one - 50 meters from camp. That was realy brave! ) But i know there are anough bears in Alaska!

There are some possibilities to hunt ibex and/or Marco Polo. Hunter for ibex may hunt in Kazakhstan, Kirgistan and Tajikistan. There are some good areas... If anyone likes to hunt argali Marco Polo (the most beautuful of it's subspieces) and ibex there is a very good area in Tajikistan on the Karakul lake! Very good accommodation.  I personaly know all organizators in this countries.

Hunters from Europe like to hunt in russian Kurgan and Cheliabinsk area for siberian roe deer.  

Truly yours


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Alex, I have not hunted bear

Alex, I have not hunted bear there, I just know about it from reading and seeing ads in magazines.  Have you hunted recently?  If so, tell us about your most recent hunt and share some pictures.  My most recent hunt was for mountain goat in BC Canada.  YOu can read the story in the story section on this web.

I really like hearing from hunters in other countries so please share some hunting stories.

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Hunt in Russia

You can find more pictures about hunts and trophies in Russia and Asia: www.prooutfitters.ru

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