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New to Colorado- Public Land Access

Hello All,

I just moved to the Denver area form New York where I have spent 15+ years hunting whitetails with both guns and bow. While I will not be hunting for big game this year I wanted to get a head start on next year (mule dee and elk) and begin to learn the area and public land where I will be able to hunt.  My main focus will be on Units 20 and 29, west of Boulder, due to the proximity to my job. I have marked several location swhere I would like to begin scouting, but had some questions regarding public land access.

My main focus right now is on National Forest west of Boulder.  Would I be able to park my car on the side of a highway (Peak to Peak) if I pulled it completely off the road on Public land...or do I need to be looking for public parking areas. Can you hunt on any National Forest land?  How do you know if you are allowed to access the Forest land at a certain point?  For example from a road.

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You can access any National Forest land from a road.  Just make sure you have a good map and no where you are.  You cannot access National Forest land through private land, whether or not it is posted.  That's a biggie out west.  We call that trespassing here.