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New Colorado Hunter Needs info. On Public Land Hunting

Hey Yall,
I am 16 and me and my freinds are wanting to do a public land elk black bear and mule deer hunt on the 2004 hunting season on our own. We will be hunting for a little over 2 months strait. We had a fiew questions and any answers will be very helpful. I was wondering if the animal tag that you pay for if the one tag is good all year and with all weapons. If fourwheelers are alloud on public land to help us get in the back country. Is camping alloud off designated camping areas on the public land during hunting season. Are there any quality units for bull elk hunting where the rifle or archery seasons bull elk tags are over the counter. Is it a problem to drive on the logging roads or dirt roads to get in the back country with 2X4 trucks or is 4X4 trucks a must. If you took off in the woods and left the road where your truck out in the middle of nowhere is someone breaking into your truck a problem or is almost certainly to happen if it is left there for a period of time. If so is there somewhere where you can park your truck where it is watched or in a ok town neiborhood. Thanks a lot and I really appreciate it.

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