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New to Colorado

I was hoping for a few people to chime in and give me a little advice. I just recently moved to Johnstown Colorado. I am an avid archer and elk hunting is my passion. I have been doing a little research on over the counter hunts and I was wondering if anyone has hunted units 7,8,9,19, 191 for archery elk. If so is there alot of public land, how is the elk herd. I'm just looking for a place where I can have an opportunity to shoot a decent bull. Thanks in advance. 

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johnstown huh,watch out for

johnstown huh,watch out for the methheads.i lived in the fort collins area 12 or 13 years ago and it seemed that the milliken,johnstown area was pretty bad for that,hopefully that has changed.i dont know much about those areas you mentioned but you are in the right state to pursue elk,good luck and welcome to colorado.

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