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New California Hunter

Hello all,


I wanted to introduce myself. I am a new hunter that lives in Corona, CA and trying to find my way through the sport as responsibly as possible. I stumbled across this website as well as a couple others that I am using to glean as much information off of as possible to learn as much as possible. I intend to start with Pig, deer and coyote. Thats not to say that I think any are easy it just seems a reasonable first choice to me because A) pig are year round and I enjoy the meat, B) deer arent but the meat is oh so good, and C) coyote are year round, tagless and from what I understand a really big challenge. I was always taught if you play with those who dont challenge you, then you will never improve.


Thanks ahead of time for all the guidance and assistance along my way,

Brett C.

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welcome to BGH

Brett did you get your applications in for the deer drawings?  Or are you new enough that you don't really know where to start and don't know how to get tags?

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Welcome sfsmeddic You will

Welcome sfsmeddic

You will have tons of fun calling in coyotes to shot. The deer hunting over in your area dont have very good success staticics. you need to really hunt hard to harvest a buck.You sure cant kill one from your desk.

good luck hunting!!!


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Welcome to BigGa,eHunt.Net Sfmedic.  I'm looking froward to hearing about your plans and hunts.

Mike  Thumbs up

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Welcome to the site! I am

Welcome to the site!

I am from north San Diego county, about an hour south of you.  Nice to see another So-Cal hunter on here!

Sit back, enjoy the forums, and don't be afraid to ask for advice..... Just not from me, I haven't killed anything in awhile..... Whistling

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