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New Brunswick Help

Hey all the wife and me have been to NB a few times camping and really love it there. Have been looking at a little bit of land that is for sale that borders on a river. The proub as I understand it is as an American or just not a NB'r I cannot fish on a salmon river or on Queens Land nor can I hunt anything without an outfitter? Even if I own land there. 1- am I reading this correctly 2- if so is there anyway around this proub.

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New Brunswick Help

Think thats the way they have it set up ! i hunt nova scotia and have a camp there but still have to get a non resident licence also need a guide ..you have to have it as your principal residence and must actually live there, the way i get around the guide part is a familly member acts as my guide and i'm good for the whole season ,laws are different from province to province. not much help sorry