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New Brunswick Black Bear SPECIAL!!!! Limited Number Left

In New Brunswick, there are magnificent forests, with a mix of soft and hard woods, lot
of lakes, rivers and swamps. The forests are a paradise for wildlife such as small
games, black bears and moose.
Upon your arrival at the lodge, you will be greeted by Pierre and Ron. Over 50 years
experience as hunters and fishermen, they will be your guides for your entire stay.
The setup of tree stands and feeding of the hunting sites are also provided by Pierre
and Ron.
Guests will enjoy their stay in a magnificent lodge, located in a hard wood ridge and is
the ideal place for an unforgettable time. Located in a secluded area far from the city,
traffic and pollution, you will appreciate the fresh air, the singing of the birds and enjoy
being lulled by the melodious silence of an area almost absent of noise.
The lodge has an upper floor where you will find nice rooms that can accommodate up to
six hunters. You will enjoy the luxury of a full bathroom, fireplace and much more.
While staying with them, you will be served three meals a day (home cooked meals),
travelling to the hunting sites, shooting range for hunters and more.
To help maintain the black bear population and to ensure a quality hunt year after year,
they are trying to spare females with cubs as much as possible.
They have over 25 baited sites and stands for both rifle and archery hunters. The bear
population is very high in New Brunswick, approximately 17,000.

Regular Price $1500.00 Sale $1200.00 All Inclusive!!!!!!

Week of May 7 to 11-----4 openings

For fall season Sept 2012----for bow hunters only
Sept 17 to 21 ( for bow hunters only)------$1200.00--------6 openings

This price includes Tags and if you fly to Bathurst, NB Pierre the Owner will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the lodge. If you are driving he will arrange a meeting place and you will follow him to the lodge.

This Outfitter has a 100% opportunity on Black Bear!!!!

If you are interested PM me or email me or reply to me on here and I will get you more info on everything.

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