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New bow camera mount

Ok here is a few pics of the new bow camera mount I got today. Was easy to put on. Rock solid and have plenty of platform room for the camera. Just need to shoot it a few times at the range to tweek the alignment of the camera for hunting so it shows shot alignment better. Camera sits about 2" to the right of my sites and when center'd the picture views to the right of the target. Should only have to turn camera on base to face left more. Once I get the perfict center view I'll probably outline it on the base so I know exactly how it needs to be from here on out. The camera is light and I don't really feel a big difference in overall weight or bow tilt. Hope to get it in the field come Monday.

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New bow camera mount

Interesting contraption. Are you able to open the screen and use it? I wonder how much vibration/ shock the camera will absorb Think Let us know how it works, I'll be interested in the results Thumbs up