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New Bow and Rifle for 2011

Got a couple new toys for this coming season. Recently picked up a hoyt alphamax and a remington 700 7mm mag. I dont rifle hunt as much as I used to but still go some.

I found the bow on another hunting forum as a closeout from from the previous year. The video is the day I got it so it wasnt set up yet. It now has an extreme rt900 sight, whiscker biscuit rest, kwikee kwiver 4 arrow quiver and a fuse stabilizer.


The rifle has remingtons xmark trigger and also a leupold scope.


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Couple of great weapons right

Couple of great weapons right there!  Congrats!

Searching the leftover models from the previous years are a great way to go.  That Alphamax is killer, and you can get them for hundreds of dollars off as long as you want last years model.  If I was in the market for a new bow, that's what I would do.

The 700 is a great rifle too.  Enjoy them both!