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New "Black Horn209 Powder"

Well you may not have heard about this new stuff, so here are a few links for info:



What do ya think about this?

I'm gonna give it a try in my 45cal Disc Elite, soon as I can get my hands on some. Yes


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New "Black Horn209 Powder"

BGH posted a news release by Toby Bridges the end of January. You can find it here.

Western Powders' New Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloader Propellant

Does anyone know if it is now available?

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New "Black Horn209 Powder"
moderator wrote:
BGH posted a news release by Toby Bridges the end of January. You can find it here.

Western Powders' New Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloader Propellant

Does anyone know if it is now available?

WesternPowders Update below:

"We think we will probably be shipping Blackhorn 209 at the end of March, or first part of April. Will keep you posted. All our distributors have agreed to carry the product, so it will make its way through the distribution chain. Sportsman's Warehouse will be carrying Blackhorn 209. Midway USA, Graf & Sons, Natchez Shooters Supply, Mid South Shooters Supply, and Powder Valley will all have it online.

But, I will keep you posted on the progress.



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Powder Tested By Big6x6 from ModernMuzzleloader.com

Here is a Non-Biased shooting report of BlackHorn209 below:

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:32 pm Post subject: Is this the final word in muzzleloading propellants? Reply with quote
Generally...I HATE trying/testing a new muzzleloading powder.. I've never seen anything I felt comfortable using/recommending other than Pyrodex/Triple Se7en...

Until TODAY!

TODAY I started with a brand, spanking new Knight KRB7, some 250gr/275gr Parker Ballistic Extremes, some 250gr/290gr Knight/Barnes PBT with EZ Load sabots, and some..TADA...Western Powders Blackhorn 209 muzzleloading propellant!

A little about Blackhorn 209... all per the powder container..

Engineered for modern in-line muzzleloaders
High velocity..
Noncorrosive-Easy cleanup
No Swabbing between shots
Uses standard 209 shotshell primer

Only for muzzleloaders with an enclosed 209 primer pocket(guess what this leaves OUT!)
Use standard 209 shotshell primers(do not use 209 muzzleloader primers)
Also do not use #11 percussion caps, musket caps, or rifle/pistol primers
High velocity
Superior accuracy
Low residue
No swabbing between shots
Not affected by humidity or temp
Breech plug easily removed after use
Easy cleaning

Volumetrically equalivalent to black powder
For bullets up to 300gr, DO NOT exceed 120 volumetric units of Blackhorn 209
For bullets above 300gr, DO NOT exceed 100 volumetric units of Blackhorn 209
Bullets over 350gr are not recommended
Not recommeded for sidelock muzzleloaders

There is also some loading data using 80. 100, 120gr of Blackhorn 209(BH209) with bullets from 200gr to 300gr.

Other observations..
When it comes to product uniformaty..Blackhorn 209 is in a class by itself! Until now..EVERY muzzleloading propellent has been made basically the same..make a batch of product and use screens to seperate it fffg/ffg/etc. Granule size varies even within granule sizes and the top part of the container will offer coarser product while down at the bottom of the container the product varies all the way to fine dust...ie the bottom 1/4 of a can of ffg Triple Se7en. I usually just throw it away! It's full of ffg, fffg, all the way to dust. Charge density varies GREATLY towards the bottom of a Triple Se7en bottle! From the top of the container to the last grain..EVERY granule of Blackhorn 209 is EXACTLY the same. It looks EXACTLY like smokeless powder! Ever seen any IMR-SR4759? It's an extruded/cylindrical granule that is hollow in the middle. BH209 looks the same:

I mounted a Leupold 3-9X40 VX-II using Warne Maxima rings/QD bases on the KRB7. I cleaned the bore with Hoppes #9 with a patch and jag and swabbed dry before shooting.

I started the morning with nothing more than setting off a CCI 209 cap before loading. The first shots that were fired with the BH209 were at 25yds to simply get the scope zeroed. I used 90gr and three shots later I was shooting close enough to get serious.


The first 3-shot group was shot using 90gr BH209/250gr Parker Ballistic Extreme/CCI 209. There was certain NOTHING eventful about it at ALL! Shocked Very Happy The group measured 1.53 inch and clocked an average velocity of 1726fps. Seeing I had PLENTY of room for more velocity I immediately increased the charge volume to 100gr.

The next three 3-shots groups using 100gr BH209/250gr Parker Ballistic Extremes averaged 1813fps. Three, 3-shot groups with the combo averaged 1.57 inches.

From shot number one to shot number forty-five using Blackhorn was uneventful! Really nothing to do but charge the rifle and load up! Here are the other combinations shot:

100gr BH209 275gr Parker Ballistic Extreme
Average velocity- 1773fps

100gr BH209 250gr Knight PBT
Average velocity- 1783fps

100gr BH209 290gr Knight PBT
Average velocity- 1739fps

120gr BH209 275gr Parker Ballistic Extreme
Average velocity- 1943fps

120gr BH209 290gr Knight PBT
Average velocity- 1913fps

Just FYI...the LAST group fired....120gr BH209/290gr Knight PBT..shot into 1.28 inches. The KRB7 had not been cleaned, swabbed, NOTHING done to the rifle whatsoever. It STILL hasn't been cleaned! Very Happy

I also shot by Knight Long Range Hunter and Disc Elite .50 with the Blackhorn 209...

Of course the LRH shot without a hitch whatsoever as well. Velocities practically mirrored those shot by the KRB7.. Here are those velocites

100gr BH209 250gr Ballistic Extreme

100gr BH209 275gr Ballistic Extreme

100gr BH209 250gr Knight PBT

100gr BH209 290gr Knight PBT

120gr BH209 250gr Knight PBT

Of course no swabbing of any type between shots...

The only problems were with the Disc Elite .50. I had THOUGHT there COULD be a problem with ignition since the breech plug wasn't of the "enclosed primer pocket" type. Sadly in it's stock configuration..the Knight Disc Elite .50 just isn't a muzzleloader for Blackhorn 209 use. At first I was using the W-W 209 shotshell primers and experienced hangfires using the 250gr Ballistic Extremes. Thinking more bearing surface was the order of the day I went to the 275gr BE. Still hangfires. NEXT I tried some Federal 209A primers, the hottest on the market. BETTER but still the same problem. Next I tried the tightest fitting bullet I had on hand, a 300gr SST/MMP HPH-12 and still the same problem. It is OBVIOUSLY completely an ignition system issue and the Knight full plastic jacket obviously uses too much of the flame before it gets to the powder to reliabily light off the BH209.

Simply a BREEZE! I thought I might have ignition problems with the 250gr Barnes PBT because it was SO easy to seat! There were ZERO ignition problems in the KRB7 and the LRH. The BH209 DOES leave a very light residue..kind of a soot. Saboted bullets seat with no issues whatsoever. Loading procedure was EXACTLY the same as when shooting Triple Se7en except NO spit patching of any type EVER!

Ignition was instantaneous in the KRB7 and LHR. Yes there WAS smoke but it was much ligher than with Pyrodex/Triple Se7en. When the smoke came your way..there was none of the noxious fumes associated with Triple Se7en.

What can I say but after twelve, 3-shot groups in the KRB7 the average group size was 1.42 inches! Small group was .25 inches using the 250gr Parker Ballistic Extreme and a 100gr charge. I couldn't be more impressed.

The final question...
Am I going to use it? HECK yes! I absolute LOVE this powder! None of the messy swabbing associated with Triple Se7en use is a REALLY big plus in my book! I also like that using heavier bullets really penalizes you VERY little in the velocity department and I think this powder is more suited to heavier bullets. If the non-corrosive part of the powder proves to ring true, and I think it will..this powder is a home run!

I think the pinnacle of muzzleloading propellants is no longer Triple Se7en..it's Western Powders Blackhorn 209

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The above was copy and pasted for info. Hope this helps with the performance questions