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New Bear Hunter Needs Advice

Just a little input on the .325.....Anything that will take down a whitetail, will work just fine on any Black Bear, period. A friend of mine uses that .325 for moose!!!! If you like the caliber, great, but don't go out of your way to buy this gun just for black bears...just not needed. I have never needed anything bigger than a .270 and probably don't need something that big! Bears can be tough, if shot in the front shoulder and that is a shot you avoid. Their ribs are not that tough and most lung shots will bring them down quickly after a short run. I know plenty of people who shot black bear recently with handhuns like 9mm and .45 ACP's...yea, I know, we wouldn't do that, but others have and do.

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Re: progress
agentjoey wrote:
Well i am still looking, i still dont have the rifle yet but hope to soon.
I am looking at several outfitters. this is one I am conisdering

looks like could be an exciting hunt. also looks like you could fill your tag on the first morning. Unless you pay for the second bear I think your boat rides will be over. What will you do the rest of the trip? If I ever book a hunt I will be taking in consideration what I would do if for 5 days if I harvested a bear on first day and how much that additional entertainment will cost.

That mountain goat is what impresses me. Come on lucky 7s.

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