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Verbage...nothing more

The very term "assault weapon" is a missnomer. It's only intended purpose is missdirectoin of the uninitiated and or ignorant. Assault is a behavior, not an object. A salt shaker could be an assault weapon if someone smacked you with it. The real objective is and allways has been the erosion of the bill of rights, starting with (but not limited to) the second amendment. As we all know the second amemdment has nothing to do with "sporting " purpose. As if our founding fathers were so concerned with our entertainment that they would have placed this in the bill of rights so we could duck hunt. The idea is ludicrous when you think on it. The bill of rights exists so the government cannot subject us to their will, but the other way around. Expat is correct, this is a war on freedom, nothing more or less. Anyone advocating a gun control agenda should  be looked at with the same jaundiced eye we would apply to someone trying to re-instate slavery.