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New Archery Release

I am looking to buy a new release! I was using the Tru-Ball Copper Head but the Velcro on the straps ran out so every time I shot with it I almost break my finger because it no longer sticks. Are there any suggestions on a release that is similar to the Tru-Ball Copper Head but has a buckle strap? They no longer sell the Tru-Ball Copper Head release with a strap.

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Really sorry no one has

Really sorry no one has replied to your post.
I'm no expert, but here goes.

I started out with a caliper release It was ok, but I did not like that you had to look at your loop in order to hook up.
Went to a hook type release with a wrist buckle strap, which attaches the release to the wrist strap via a connecting strap. Scott Silverhorn.
Easy to hook up without looking at loop.
infinately adjustable length.
adjustable trigger pull
Very short head increases draw length = slight arrow speed increase.
Try it, you'll like it!