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For the New Africa Hunter or Budget Hunter

SPECIALS for 2011

Open to Rifle, Black Powder, Handgun and Bow Hunters


7 days 4 animals 

 #1         $4 520, 1x1 

- Gemsbuck 

choose 2 from 

Impala - Springbuck -Blesbuck -Warthog 

choose 1 from 

Duiker (Grey) - Steenbuck 


7 days 4 animals 

 #1         $4 500, 1x 1

1 x  Kudu

1 x Impala

1 x Blesbuck

1 x Warthog

7 days 4 animals 

 #2         $5 970, 1x1 

-Greater Kudu  

choose 1 from 

Gemsbuck - Red Hartebeest - Blue Wildebeest 

choose 2 from 

-Springbuck - Blesbuck - Warthog 



10 days 8 animals 

 #3                                   $7 525, 1x 

-Greater Kudu 

choose 1 from 

-Gemsbok -Red Hartebeest- Blue Wildebeest 

choose 4 from 

Impala- Springbuck- Blesbuck -Warthog 

choose 2 from 

-Duiker (Grey) – Steenbuck

Terms and conditions apply to all packages listed above, please contact us for information on the above and other packages, trophy price list.

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Great opportunity

Assuming that references check out - 

This looks like a GREAT opportunity for someone.

Just remember the cost of airfare (great time to use those accumulated free miles!) and you can always pay taxidermy later.  It will be awhile before the mounts and/or hides make it back to the United States anyway.....

When you consider that for the same cost you could pay for a guided hunt to collect ONE Alaskan moose or maybe HALF a kodiak bear....this is a real bargain.

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Great Opportunity

Groovy Mike,

Thank you for your comments, appreciate it. Thumbs up


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