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The never heard about .308

I never hear guys mentioning the .308win. This caliber is very popular with law enforcement and just happens to be a very accurate round. But I never hear anyone mentioning this caliber. I shot my first deer with a .308 of my fathers, and the deer fell like a ton of bricks. Does anyone use the .308 or should i say own a .308. Is there any down sides to this round? I mean whats the deal? Think

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The never heard about .308

You just havn't reead down far enough. Lots of discussion on the 308 win. I just love the Remington Mowhak 600 in 308.

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The never heard about .308

I prefer my S&W 308 for deer hunting. Very accurate and good enough if I decide to take the long shot. I have taken quite a few deer with my 308 over the years and have no plans on changing rifles. Longest shot was about 250yds and dropped a 6 point with one shot.

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The never heard about .308

My Primary LE SWS:
Remington 700 LTR 308 Winchester
Leopuld 4.5-14x40 Tactical
Badger mounts and rings
BC scope covers
Harris by-pod
1903 Sling
Crisp tuned trigger
Shoots 168 FGMM consistantly at 1/2 MOA depending on the day I'm having Yes . CCB is generally with in .25.

If I had to do it all over again and learn from the mistakes of my youth (magnum mania) I'd buy a Remington 700 LSS Mountain rifle, top it with a luppy, handload a Barnes Triple Shock and kill what ever big game needs killed in the lower 48's.

I have spent a lot of trigger time behind a 308 in one way or the other the past 7 years. The more I shoot it the more respect I have for it. While it may not shoot at flat as the super mags or handle super heavy bullets it can get er done at with the best of em at reasonable hunting distances.

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The never heard about .308

I've had three. The first one was 42 years ago. Than the next was about five years later. The last was a Rem 660 brand new, about 1971 (?). That rifle now belongs to my son. The 308 will do pretty much whatever you want and do it well. I prefer it to the 30-06 which I also have. Huh, just got to figuring. I got tha model 660 about 35 yrs ago!

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The never heard about .308

It's all I shoot in the field...well that and a .50 M/L.

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08 cents

Everyone knows that the accuracy of the 308 dominats almost all compititions or is at least near the top of it. Most seasoned hunters have done the magnum thing and then come back to the 308 or the 06.
Another point of view which most people look up in a load book and then make an assumpition is to compare the 30-06 and the 308 in 200 grain or heavier bullets and then decide that the 30-06 is better. I have loaded for 7 different 30-06 rifles shooting the 200 grain Nosler partition or heavier and I have allways had to lower the powder charge from the maximum to get the 06 to group within an inch. Shooting it through a Chrony I am within 308 speeds or less than 100fps. I only own 2 308's a model 700 and a Savage 99. Both do great with full house loads. So now I have a light easy to shoot rifle for very large game. Accuracy is allways the most important. I know the 308 is not the first choice for a bear gun but when I can shoot 3 cans with this load before ole Tex can move his 338 bolt back and forward it makes you wonder. I know this little comparison is not enough to make a true judgement but it does give me a little more confidence when I grab that 1950's catridge a horse and head for the Beartooth mtns

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The never heard about .308

It's also popular for the Roosevelts up here in Washington where the shots are within 200 yds. Most under 100 yds. Works great. There really isn't any neccessity for anything larger than a good 30 cal around here and the 308 with a 180gr fills the bill very well indeed.

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The never heard about .308

Just purchased a 308 barrel for my Encore. So far I love it. Very impressed. It is a truely accurate, low recoil caliber. Kills deer like nothing. Little meat damage too and that is a nice change to my 7 STW, so is the recoil. I really like the availability of cheap quality ammo out there. Makes it so much fun to shoot when it only costs a few cents. I would recommend the caliber to anyone.

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The never heard about .308

.308 Win? Excellent round!!

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