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Nevada Unit 231 and 221-223

Looking for any information about either of these units. I am familiar with the areas but have never hunted them. Is there access to most of those areas by pickup truck? In other words can you drive out to various locations, do some hiking, glassing and hunting and then drive back without the use of horses or ATVs? I put both my sons in for the junior mule deer hunts in these areas and think they may have a good chance of drawing so need to become familiar with the area in the next few months. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Nevada Unit 231 and 221-223

Really good units that I put in for also. Never hunted them either and haven't drawn a nevada tag yet ( but I don't collect bonus points). Good deer density and trophy potential. But that's all I know.

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Re: Nevada Unit 231 and 221-223

Good luck in the draw, that is one of the best units that NV has, not quite as open as the 111-114 area, 22-223 Late is the better units, 231 is thick with pinyon/junipers but talk to the county fire dept and ask about the burn areas, should be some good feed there. Both areas have good axcess