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will attempt to upload a pic of my late season elk i just took recently. am new to this game of posting pics so if nothing shows up bear with me. took it on the last day at 3:30 in the P.M. and had to leave it overnight. came back the next day to quarter it and we packed it out on the horses walking over ten miles out of the wilderness area to the trailhead. even after 6 months of bicycle riding and hiking/backpacking and daily exercising i still wasn't prepared for the intensity of dawn til dusk horseback riding and chasing herds of elk in and out of canyon after canyon on foot. never thought i could put that much trust in horses to get me back to camp in the dark every night either. there were a few steep canyons where the pucker factor had me high in the saddle. needless to say it was the adventure of a lifetime. i just hope i can experience a trip like it with my son before i'm too old to go. even if i have to go along without a tag. it might be a kick to just get my shots with a camera and get it all on film for the grandkids.

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Nevada Elk

Nice elk. Congratulations!
Sounds like a great adventure.

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Congratulations, that is a fine bull. I thought I was the only one that hunted where there are few trees, but I guess not! Someday I hope to get a bull to match yours.
Thumbs up

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Great bull. Thumbs up

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jeffnvegas, Nice bull! Thumbs up Thanks for posting a photo of your NV wapiti.

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Nice bull!!

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