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Nevada deer hunt application questions

I wasn't able to get all the way through my Nevada deer app tonight, which at least gives me a chance to ask for some clarification before proceeding.
1. Do you really get 5 choices? And has anybody ever pulled a tag with a 5th choice?
2. If you don't want a bonus point, do you not have to buy the hunting license first? I think that's how I read it.
3. How will I know that the Department received my Hunter Ed # so I can finish the application?
4. Is there any area you would not recommend hunting for whatever reason. I'm mostly looking at central/eastern units with draw odds in the 1:7-1:9 range for the early season because I actually want to draw a tag.
Anything else I should know?


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Nevada deer hunt application questions

1. Yes, you really get 5 choices. Some areas will get you a 5th choice tag.

2. I believe you can select an option that says "purchase license only if successful" Other than that, if you want a point you must buy the license.

3. go to http://www.huntnevada.com On the left side if the screen is a link to "hunter education look up"

4. I don't know if you have points, but in general Nevada has much better odds for archery or muzzle hunts (like most states, I suppose). I would avoid unit 231 simply because you will not draw there. It's a great unit, but everyone wants to hunt it. The northeast part of the state has some great hunt areas (Jarbidge Wilderness).

Give me a call if you need additional help...I live in Nevada so I have a pretty good idea of what you might be after...


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