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Bull Elk

Last year I did not pull an elk tag but my son did. This was his first elk! We were hunting in area 7. We scouted the day before opening day and saw no signs of elk. Opening day found us high on ridges hiking to search for elk. The weather was horrible. Visabilty was no more than 30 yards because of the intense snow. We decided to come on the top of the ridge and hike down low near the base of the mountains. We are just under a mile into the hike when we started to hear elk bugling. We climber to a higher vantage point and spotted several cow and bull elk about a mile furhter up the draw. Within an hour we positioned ourselves on one side of the canyon and watched the elk move directly across from us on the opposite side. We were watching several bull elk challenging each other fighting and buging. That was awesome by itself. As the elk started to settle across from us, by its sound we could tell a large bull was just about to present himself. I told my son to get ready and the 6x6 appeared. The bull eventually stood broadside long enough for my son to make a perfect 200 yard shot. 

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Outstanding Bull!

That is an excellent Bull - congrats to your son and to you!  Thanks for sharing the story.

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Yes, that is a great bull,

Yes, that is a great bull, and as Retired said, congrats to your son!!!

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hell yeah

hell yeah congrats to your son man thats a nice bull, that jarbridge range aint no joke my hats off to you and your son for a successful hunt in that area thats hands down the hardest unit in nevada for a elk hunt it takes serious dedication and hard work to chase elk up there congrats again!!!