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nevada bucks down

hey guys just got back from a great week of huntin, first i guided my freind kaytlin on her first buck ever im shure most of ya seen the pics i got from spotting the area a few months ago well we went out there and at first light we ran into a big 4x4 and that really wide thick framed 3x3 unfortanutly she wasnt comfortable with a 200 yard shot no problome better safe then sorry and they dissapered over the ridge, we tried to turn them up but it wasnt happenin then later that day we seen some forkys and a spike then spoted a decent 4X4 we made our way and closed to 100 yards but the first timer slowness left plenty of room for the buck to step behind some mahogany and wait out for the safty of sunset, the next morning we planned to go back down to the regular spot we had seen the 4x4 and 3x3 the previouse morning only to find that a gang of 7 hunters had the same idea in mind fortunatly they didnt leave there atv and the road and stared at the two bucks threw binoculars at 900 yards off untill the bucks decided they wanted no part of it and back over the ridge, i left the road hunters and decided to try our luck at a diffrent buck, we turned up a road i haddnt been on before we got high on a ridge and started glassing i seen a whole lot of antelope then just as i was going too drop the binos i saw two does i scanned alittle more and turned up a body way off i pulled out my spotting scope to see it was a nice 4x4 almost a mile out in the flats i put the single bush out there between him and us and started closing distance we got too 150 yards as the buck feed over the next rise and disaperd we slowly made our way around wide into it and didnt see him after glassing i picked up his antlers in some oakbrush as he was bedded, we slowly made our way undetected and got within 35 yards and waited 30 min for him too rise then he stood and boom the buck dropped. its the 4x4 im holding in the pic not too bad for her first buck, i wish i had that kind of stalk play out during archery season. but oh well. after everything was packed up from that hunt i was off to jarbridge and oh man i will never go there again if ndow gives out 1400 tags appoused to the 500 they usually give out boy was it a mad house i showed up to my buddies camp and i have never seen so many upset faces out huntin before, every turn every mountain every holler nook and cranny was covered in blazed orange luckuly we got far enough back down some nasty roads and got lost then laced up the boots and hiked miles in the dark and took a little 3x3 and a little 4x3, then on the way back to camp we got the forky to fill all tags we packed up and got the hell out of there what a mess that was it actually made area 10s rifle season look decent.

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Crazy hunt


Congrats to the hunter on there first buck ! Thumbs up Your 2nd hunt, are you sure you were not hunting in Colorado ! Whistling Congrats on getting the tags filled ! Yes

Where are the rest of the pics ? Confused


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they are comin

they are coming im trying to find the other pics on my comp.

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here are tho others from

here are tho others from jarbridge they are smaller but i wasnt shure if we would get anything at all with all the mountain madness up there. and the kid with the big cheesy smile is ray and thats his first buck.

101_0949.JPG2.84 MB
101_0950.JPG2.77 MB
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Congrats on a great muley hunt! I'll be chasing em here in a few weeks. Hope our camp does half as good as yours. Great job on the guiding as well.

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Very nice!

Congrats on getting her done!

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Nice work everyone!

Nice work everyone!

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Some nice bucks there!

Some nice bucks there! Congrats!

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Good Job

Congrats on your hunt, it will be atleast 3 years before i can draw a tag here for mule deer. I love hunting mule deer

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Good job on the NV bucks. I

Good job on the NV bucks. I was working up in Ely through the rifle season and it seemed slow. You guys did well and should be good eating with all the summer rains NV has had this year.

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