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Needs Help w/ Hunter Ed Course

I'm reposting this for Alyssa, since it looks like it was put in the wrong place...

My name is Alyssa. I started looking through the hunters education manual
last week because i am taking my hunter's safety course on saturday and
sunday. I need help with some of the questions and so far no one wanted to
help me. I would really apreciate it, Hunting is my favorite sport in the
whole world. or hobbie, whatever it is, I love it! The questions are listed
below, (But i need the anwsers by today, so please hury)

1. Name three ways that wildlife is important to us.
I thought, trees, because they produce oxgen. Water because we need water to
drink and without it we would die. Vegation, for animals to feed on so the
animal can grow healthy, so when we kill it, we don't get sick. that ok to
put only in different words?

(The webster's dictionary defines wildlife as non- human living things and
especially wild animals living in their natural environment) IS

this one i don't get what they are asking

2.name two tissues involing the hunter on which the public needs accurate
information to understand wildlife managment?

Please send answers, if you have them, ASAP!

Thanks- Alyssa

-Alyssa (Please Help!!!)

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Needs Help w/ Hunter Ed Course

Here are my thoughts...

1.) Three ways wildlife are important...
-Food source
-Provides source of new medicines (tropical plants).
-Something else to look at other than streets, buildings, and cows...

2.) 2 issues where the public needs better information about hunters.

-Human hunters are in most cases the *only* predators for a given big game species. Left unchecked (no hunting, no natural predators) the species (deer) will grow without bound. Causing many problems....

-Hunters are by and large safety concerned. I get tired of the stereotype of hunters being drunk, gun-toting, mindless people....

I hope this information helps you out.

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Needs Help w/ Hunter Ed Course

Hi Alyssa,

I back up what Moderator has to say on this one.

You might want to stick with wildlife (animal) related answers for your first question. True, trees and vegitation are important; however trees/plants are not what usually comes to mind when one discusses wildlife.

Good luck with your test! I remember my hunter ed test being mulitple choice "scan-tron" sheets. Since when did they start asking essay questions? Maybe other states have different policies...

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Needs Help w/ Hunter Ed Course

How did we come out on the hunter ED class ??? Hope all went well

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