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Need your advice

Hi, I often go hiking and climbing with my friends. But there is a problem annoys me for a long time. Sometimes I use my phone take many pictures on the way, at the same time, the power drops quickly, and many times it died on the halfway.Some of my friends suggest me to buy an external battery charger. At first I want to buy Anker E4, 13000mah, but one of my friends told me it cannot charge Sumsung pad. So I changed my mind, after a lot of searching, I found this one eventually: RAV Power 14000 External Battery Pack. Is there anyone has heard about this brand? How about it, have you ever used it? Which brand are you using when go hunting or traveling? Really hoping someone can give me some advice. Many thanks!

(***Edit:  I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, and leaving the post.  However, I disabled the link to amazon in it.  If someone wants to inquire about the product, they can do a google search (Ca_V))

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Some folks are getting

Some folks are getting creative. 

If you really want something that will take phots without killing your phone battery, buy a real camera. 

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Yes, you are right. But

Yes, you are right. But sometimes use a phone to take photos is more convenient.

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It would be pretty easy just to buy a spare battery, charge it at home or on the drive to your hike then you have two fresh batteries with you. Instead, I bought a small camera to carry in my daypack and save my phone batter for calls in case I need help or to check in at home if I get delayed in the woods....

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Yes, I'm totally agree with

Yes, I'm totally agree with you. Take an extra battery when go out is very necessary,in case of phones run out of power.

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