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need some help with binoculars

ok guys i am looking at buying a new set of binoculars. i am looking between the carson xm-hd, nikon minarch atb, and the Olympus Magellan EXWP. all are 8X42 and all of them cost around $280. i dont want to spend over $300 for any kind. anybody have a prefrence? also is their another kind that is just as good or better for the price? last question is what is the bak-4 prism? i know roof and poro but not bak-4.

thanks for your help


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need some help with binoculars

Check out the Vortex Sidewinders. They run about $200 and are in 8x42 magnification. Very good deal for great glasses. I love mine. Do a google search and you'll find them.

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need some help with binoculars

I think of those three you would be best served with the Olympus Magellans, which are $189.99. Please feel free to call me to discuss optics.

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need some help with binoculars

I just bought a pair of Carson 10X42 YK series. So far I have been impressed with my Carsons. The YK series doesn't retail for as much as the Carson xm-hd so I am sure the Carson xm-hd are a very good pair of binoculars.

My Carson YK series are extremely clear and let in a lot of light and seemed to be made very well even to the point of being a little heavy. The only - I could give them would be weight if that would bother anyone, it doesn't bother me and I am very satisfied with mine. Depending on where you buy them the YK series only retail for around $180 to $200. I got mine on ebay for considerably less than retail though.

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