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Need some help

Hey guys,

I am 20, new to hunting, but i have been shooting all my life. I am in college away from home, and i am trying to figure out how to find a place to hunt here at school, particularly whitetail. I am in winston salem, NC. The problem is, i don't know anyone here who has any land i could use, so i don't really know where to start. If anyone has any idea of where to start to find somewhere, i would really appreciate it. Sorry if my question is a little open ended, but my family owns some property back home, so i have never had to deal with this issue before. I have my own car, so i can travel pretty easily. Thanks for your time

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Need some help

There is a fella (nlpeaden) on the Savageshooters forum who attends NCSU. He may can help you.

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Need some help

I would start by figuring out who manages the hunting, Dept of Natural Resources, Dept of Int, or whomever. See if they can get you a list of areas/parks open to public hunting. Isolate a couple that interest you, get maps and go to work figuring out where you want to go, where you can access the area and what might be good spots. Then scout like crazy. Also, network your buddies like crazy, and see if there is a hutning group in the area. It takes some work to hunt a new state, but it can be done. You just have to work for it. My buddy found 2 National Wildlife refuges near to us and have been on deer in those areas, even though they are hunted heavily and have non-hunting traffic. ...and don't overlook herd reducing hunts, like city hunts and lottery hunts. they can be fun and help you expand that network, and put meat in the freezer.

This past year is my 7th year bow hunting. I've had some of the best hunting yet, and it was all on public land!

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