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Need some advice on youth shooting ML

I'm helping with a youth shooting program and next week we're starting with muzzle loaders. We are shooting cap and ball style Traditions .50cal's.
I'm thinking I need to load them down a little for a couple of the smaller kids but I'm not sure what is a safe charge that will still push the ball down range with out hurting them. Do you guy's have any advice on this I would really appreciate your advice I am proficient with a ML but have only shot as an adult with 90 to 100 grains of powder.

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Need some advice on youth shooting ML

Hi frednfrog!

I'm starting the same here in Germany with my son, 7 years. But I looked for a nice kid's .32 rifle and was able to get one on the TMA forum. The fact is that even when shooting from the bench a cal. 50 adult ML is to heavy and big, especially the pull is to long. But if you want to do it I'd use 40-50 grs and a PRB, that'll be appropriate for shooting at 25 yds.



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Need some advice on youth shooting ML

Don't know what kind of powder you are shooting but I would go with 50 or 60 grns of powder. This is plunty to get the ball down the range (20 to 50 yds) and will have very little kick.

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Need some advice on youth shooting ML

I have to agree with Kikmiser 40-50 grns ffg will get the job done at 50 yrds.
Rule of thumb for working up loads for Black powder ML is 50 cal start with 50 grns 2f .45 start with 45 grns 58 cal start with 58- 60 grns of Blp and so on.

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Need some advice on youth shooting ML

We just ran a Hunter Safety course where the students got to shoot a MZ.
For most students, the load was 50 Gr Pyrodex behind a 250 gr sabot slug. We had a few really small girls that probably did not weigh much more than 60/70 lbs. For them, I loaded 40 grs and they handled it with no problems.

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