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If it does not exist........SSS Evil!

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in need of serious help/opinions

thanks so much for your replies. several people are looking into legally taking care of the problem, however, i'm sure it will still be handled with SSS. sorry it took me so long to respond, my grandparents internet was only connecting at about 18k so it was very hard to post. yes i'm talking about IL. there are a lot of people who are no longer thinking that the older folks are crazy, and they really want to get some sort of a handle on this, if possible, esp since the grad school is so close to the wood line. i'll keep y'all updated if i can.


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in need of serious help/opinions

I thought that in WI if an animal wasn't acknowleged as a native species it is an "exotic" and open to hunting without regulation. Could be wrong though. I'll call the DNR and find out.

Sidenote: Never depend on the DNR for any credible info. They'll lie right through their teeth.

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