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Need a scope for my X-bolt 30-06

hey hey, got an x-bolt 30-06 for Christmas that hasn't even been fired yet!

I've got my heart set on a Swarovski Z6 series scope to go with it... I'm gonna start saving now every pay check and by the time deer season comes in, I'll be ready!

I just have some scope questions...

should I go with a 50mm or 56mm?

and I've seen a lot of Swarovskis that are 10,12,15,and 18x... is one better than the other?Should I just go ahead and get the 18x?

any help would be great, I was at basspro today looking at them, man they are soooo SHARP and CLEAR!

thanks a lot!


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Need a scope for my X-bolt 30-06

50mm is enough.....but I cant imagine how much light a 56mm swarovski will gather.

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Need a scope for my X-bolt 30-06

Welcome to both of you guys.

I couldn't suggest which way to go on this as I'm a believer in low power scopes for hunting rifles. My 30-06 wears a 2 3/4x Redfield, my 6.5xs55 a 1-4x Redfield. My 25-06 has a 3-9x Bushnell bu I've never turned it up over 6x and then only when I sight in.

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Need a scope for my X-bolt 30-06

Don's right on. For most my deer/elk hunting, a 4X fixed power sits on one of my 7's, the other has a 3x9. Now the 25-06 that is used with normally longer shots at smaller targets (p/dogs-yotes-antelope) sports a 6x20x50 - but it's always dialed into 6 as we hit the field and only cranked up when needed. 18-20X is normally way too much, but it IS nice when at the range to see holes at 200 yards lol

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