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expatriate wrote:
I've got a pair of Nikon 10X42 Monarch ATBs I love. They're bright, sharp, easy to use, and super to work with. IMO, they're a great buy in the $300-350 range. I've used less, but nothing that pops into a sharp edge-edge picture the way the Nikons do. I'm sure there are others higher up the scale that would be better, but I haven't reached that point of addiction yet.

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Re: Need Recommendations for Good, Solid binoculars

I got the chance to use the Leica Geovid 10x42 with the built in rangefinder... Hard to say enough good things about them but they're expensive. Sure was nice not having to pull the rangefinder out of the coat pocket. Not too heavy for a girl if you're in shape

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Bud wrote:
Zeiss, anything else will make you wish you bought the good stuff.

I too own a pair of Zeiss binos. They are great optic, but once they get your money, the company no longer gives two shits about you. They won't even answer you a simple question without a politicians type of answer. I love mine, but if my binos were to ever get stolen or broken I'll spend my money on another reputable brand. I was less than pleased with my experience talking to thier customer service reps.

My Zeiss binos are 10x40mm and work good for spot and stock, but if I could do it over again I'd go with something smaller like an 8x30mm for hunting purposes.

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Re: Need Recommendations for Good, Solid binoculars

Back in the 80's i got really tired of bino's that failed in one way or another, especially fogging inside. Also, i just couldn't see as well as i thought i should beable to on extended glassing sessions, so i took the plunge and bought Swarovski bino's! Man, am i ever glad i did, as they have been to hell and back since then, and they still work perfectly! When you consider they will last you the rest of your life, i think paying the bigger price up front for excellent bino's, is well worth it.


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