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Need a RACK for your HUNT (tongue in cheek)

Okay so this site pays the light bill with banner ads, right.  And those web marketeers come up with all kinds of clever ways to match the ads we see to what they think we're interested in.

So tonight's eyecatcher....

a banner for the "Nordstrom RACK" for women getting ready for a "Style HUNT."

I just might need to drop the Mrs. off there on my way to the range in the morning!!!

If you see the Nordy's ad on this site, be sure to click it a few times to show your appreciation of their support.  And with Christmas coming up....


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I dont want to sound like a

I dont want to sound like a complete rube, but what is a Nordstrom and why is my wife hunting it?

are Nordstrom dangerous?  lol

but a little more seriously, i find it hard to believe anybody supports us hunters these days. and the least of all seems to be the gave and fish departments. even though i love it, hunting is getting to be too large of an industry for average guys to afford.

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Heck, I will have to get my

Heck, I will have to get my wife over there also!!!  We have a Nordstroms Rack just down the road from us... lol

BTW, i don't believe you without some photos posted with your story. Wink

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I'm in the oppisite side of

I'm in the oppisite side of the fence CA_ I don't want my wife anywhere near Nordstroms Rack. I'll come home bankrupt. She has no sence of money and when to stop shopping lol . I click on the ads (mostly by mistake) sometimes. Some of the ads are pretty cool. I know for the site it pays the bills but it get kind of annoying when I fat finger something and theres a pop up.

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Yeah, the ads support BGH 100%. We don't sell any products or memberships of any sort, so the banner ads are the only way we keep this boat afloat! We like it when you fat finger it, ha ha! We do understand that some ads can be annoying, even we find the rollovers annoying. However we do like the one Dodge Ram ad when you rollover it, crickets and birds chirp and you can hear a creek in the background. The first time I heard that, I wondered what was going on. It was very subtle.

If anyone else sees something funny or interesting, post it here. We'd love to hear about it. We found the Nordstrom Rack + style hunt pretty funny!

We would like to note that we do decline the most intrusive types of ads, even though they would produce more revenue. We are mindful of balancing revenue with the end user's experience here on BGH.

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Dodge ad.

I actually like the Dodge ad. The first time it rolled i was thinking the same thing. "what did i break now". The only thing that would make it better would be some elk bugles in the back ground. Or even the dodge ads sound going all the time on the site.

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