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Need a place on the Gulf Coast to sight in?

Pascagoula Shooting Club (Moss Point, MS) non member sight-in and practice

The club will allow non-members to use the range during the long range sight-in sessions which take place on the fourth Saturday of each month. This pertains to people who are not guests of current club members.These non-members will be charged $15 per visit for their range session. No checks or credit cards, correct change only

The non-members will pay to use the range, sign a waiver and shoot only during the long range sight-in session while a coach or board member is present. They will be responsible for bringing their own targets, supplies, and safety gear. They may also participate in shooting on the 600 yard and 1,000 yard courses with other shooters during the scheduled sight-in session, but only if they have the proper rifle, ammo, and gear to do so.

The non-members will also be allowed to place their own targets on the range from 50y to 550y for sighting in or practicing with their own rifles.

This policy is to encourage people who don't shoot much to use a good quality and safe range to sight in their rifles/pistols and get some practice. We also encourage any non-member to join the club as soon they can.

Contact Jody Calhoun or Ty Warren for more info.