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Need Opinion on Rifle ?


I'm new to this forum but not elk hunting. I was fortunate to win a rifle last week at a RMEF banquet. Best $20 I ever spent. I won a Rem 700 sps, 257 Wetherby Mag ,special RMEF edition. Nice rifle but not the caliber I'd prefer for elk. A supposed 'expert ' at Sportsman's Warehouse said with a 120 gr it will take an elk. I've killed many with my Rem 700 BDL, 30:06, 180 gr. Any and all comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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Need Opinion on Rifle ?

He wasn't lying. It's a great cartridge. Ballistics are pretty similar to a .270. Along those same lines I killed two elk this year with a .264 Win Mag, whose ballistics pretty much mirror that of a .257 Weatherby(120 gr at 3300 fps for either cartridge), and there's only .007" difference. Personally I haven't done it with a .257 Weatherby, but I wouldn't hesistate if I had one in my hand. I shot my elk with 140 grain Partititions, but I bet that 120 gr Partition factory load would do a great job. I think I remember a story about Roy Weatherby killing Cape Buffalo and rhino with his gun. It's obviously not a cartridge from the slow and heavy school of thought, but if you're a believer in kinetic energy, hydrostatic shock and temporary cavitation, that cartridge is the well loved.

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Need Opinion on Rifle ?

I always had admiration for the Wtby line-up and especially the 257 wby mag but the first thing I thought about when reading the Posts was this :


OUCH, that hurts :

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Need Opinion on Rifle ?

Well, yeah, but the gun came at a good price. I'd pay that for ammo if I could get the gun for 20.

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Need Opinion on Rifle ?

I have killed numerous Cow and spike bull elk with a 25-06 shooting 120g partitions at 3000 fps. I would think that same bulet at 3300 or a Barnes TSX would do just fine.

It's not my choice to hunt Big Bulls with. But that's why you have more than one rifle. The 257 Wby will make a Great antelope, mule deer and small elk rifle. I'd hang onto it.

I have a good friend who was a fanatic about his 300 Wby. He was so impressed with a couple of my 25-06 kills that he went out and bought a 257Wby.

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