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Need a new outfitter

Our group is having some problems with our New Brunswick outfitter of many years(some of our group has been going to this lodge for 13 years, my wife and I for 5), after taking our deposits several months ago for our spring hunt, he double booked the lodge and wants us to change out dates, he also is raising the price. We dont think this is fair after taking the deposits and are looking for a new place to hunt, we like the area as it is not too far over the border from Houlton ME. I know its kinda late to book for this spring but if anybody has any ideas I would appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance

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Need a new outfitter

http://www.blacksprucelodge.com they hunt in the miramichi area about 4 hrs from woodstock border......very very nice people! they got a couple last spring 435 lbs and 390 lbs.....they do there homework very well!

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Need a new Outfitter

I have been hunting with Long Lake Adventures for the past 7 springs and have even gone up for a couple of fall hunts. The outfit is run by Clay and Tanya Harrison (506-356-5151) and you won't find nicer people to deal with. Their web site is http://www.longlakeadventures.com. They are about an hour outside of Plaster Rock. I think their hunting area is all in zone 11. I cross the border in Houlton or sometimes in Ft. Fairfield. Like myself, they have many return customers and I guess that says the most. If you have questions give them a call or e-mail me at turviller@aol.com and I'll provide whatever additional info I can. Good luck! Rick