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Need new hunting property in midstate SC

Well last was by far the worst year i have ever had hunting wise. Let me explain im 19 yrs old and my friend introduced me to hunting back as a freshman and ive been going with him ever since. His dad owns hundred of acres in south carolina but we mainly hunted in bamberg county. Well this past year his dad decides that "guests" could only shoot one doe and that was it. Dont know why maybe its because his son shot 20 deer last year while i only shot 3. So this past year i hunted on Fort Jackson but i had no luck. I never had a chance to scout or anything. Most of the guys up there are so selfish they wouldnt even give me any avice as to were to sit. Some did but i never saw anything. Sooo im thinking about placing an add in the classified for this year and i wanted to know everyones opinion.

It wil read : Responsible college student looking for place to hunt deer and other game. Willing to trader work or small fee for sole hunting privelages within 75miles of Lexington,sc. contact Chris at ....

Well anything else i should add? Money is extremely tight so i cant afford to be in one those 1000 a year hunting clubs. blah. Do you think i will find anything? any advice will be greatly appreciated

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