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Need info on hunting antelope in Wyoming

I am trying to obtain information on hunting antelope in wyoming. I am looking at unit 26, 29 or 9. Can anyone give me any input on these areas, terrain, etc. If they are a good place to go. I am gathering this info for my husband who has always wanted to hunt antelope. We are from Arkansas and will be our first out of state hunt. If anyone has any info on these areas, where do I obtain landowner info. They deadline is coming up shortly to apply and from all that I can ascertain, you need to have the unit and permission from a landowner before applying. In other words any information that you can share would be appreciated greatly.

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Need info on hunting antelope in Wyoming

I don't know the units you speak of. Call the Wyoming Department of Fish and Game. Ask them what field office is closest to your units of interest. Call THAT field office and request a list of landowners who accept trespass fees to let you hunt their property. Have them email the list to you. Start phoning these people ASAP. When you have made an arrangement with a landowner -- contingent, of course, on being drawn, right!? -- then you can put in your application. Your time is short, so you need to move quickly. I figured someone with knowledge of your identified units would respond or I would have responded earlier myself.

You should be able to access information on draw probabilities at the Wyomong Fish and Game web site. My preference is to apply in an area where I have a very high probability of drawing, for example unit 23 or 24 near Gillette, Wyoming. The heads are not as big in these units, but the draw probabilities are high because there are so dang many antelope there!!! No kidding. Lots of antelope. I hunted pronghorn for the first time in unit 23 just south of Gillette last October with my 14 year old son. Loved it. Want to do it again soon, maybe even this fall (if so, it will be with an over-the-counter doe permit which is very inexpensive -- $30?).

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