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Need help planning Elk hunt please read

Long story short - My grandfaher has been to Colorado on an Elk trip nearly every single year, until his health no longer allowed him to journey up into the mountains. Its been several years since he has been but he's been talking lately about how much he would love to go back just one more time. I know how much it would mean to him, and I would love nothing more than to share this experience with him. I need some experienced opinions on some LOW ELEVATION hunts. Land or guides preferrably. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Ranching for wildlife

Try an RFW property like Three Forks, Cross Mountain, or Morgan Creek and their ilk. Most of those will be lower elevation and game heavy

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The RFWs would be a good

The RFWs would be a good place for you guys to go IF you can afford one!

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