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Need help picking out a 7mm

You can see these rifles :



It's the same rifle than a Baikal IJ-18, with a budget of 400 dollars I think it could be an interesting rifle Think The mount is fixed on a 11 mm scope rail, so the mount is not expansive, probably 20 or 30 dollars, so you have money for a scope cool

DNR Sports is serious, I have bought a Leupold scope last year, no problem ...

Maybe you wan't a bolt action rifle and not a single shot rifle ?

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Need help picking out a 7mm
Highflyer wrote:
Just one opinion here, but you can get a good brand name fixed power scope for a reasonable price that will last you forever. There are so many variable power scopes out there that we tend to forget a good fixed power scope does just as much with fewer moving parts. In other words, don't get sucked into believing that fancy is better and the best money is always spent on good basic equipment. I hunt all over the states from swamps to open country and do it all with a fixed power. So if you are on a budget you are not losing anything by getting a plain jane all american 4x or 6x leupold, etc.

Amen on that!!!! I favor the older Japanese made ones. I have a 788 Remington 30-30 with a vintage Jap-made 4x fixed power on it. You're right about fewer moving parts and more reliability.

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Need help picking out a 7mm

The only down side any 7mm may have in the woods is the 7mm magnums generaly are in long barrelled, heavier rifles. This isn't necesarily a down side so much as a slight handicap, a long heavey rifle doesn't handle as well in the bush and may slow you down or be slung on your shoulder when it should be in your hands causing you to miss that shot. The .280 or 7mm-08 on the other hand especialy the 7mm-08 can be found in shorter light wieght rifles like the remington model 7 and would be fine for long walks in the bush.

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Need help picking out a 7mm

The 7mm would be just fine for the woods, or plains, or mountains etc. If you are set on the 7mm that is fine but have you looked at a 270 Win? Lots of inexpensive quality ammo and the recoil is very tolerable and it will also serve you well in any of the above mentioned areas. Also I know you want a wood stock but I have heard some great things about the new Mossberg rifle and I think it only comes in synthetic. Bushnell makes a good entry level scope in their 3200 Series. Also nothing wrong with the VX-1 Leupold. Vx-II is all I shoot and have never ever had an issue. Good rings and bases and scope are things not to be overlooked. Good luck and Merry Christmas, I remember getting a couple guns for Christmas and I still have them to this day. Special.

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