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Need Help with NM unit 37 Elk hunt

I drew a Unit 37 late season elk tag (Dec 4-8). I have been in the unit scouting and I have seen evidence of the September Rut, but nothing new and not an Elk in sight. I have seen posts in other forums they say the elk seam to just disappear in Nov. Confused Does anyone have any experience in this Unit 37? I live by unit 34, but was unsuccessful in the original draw and unit 37 was what I ended up with in the late season. I don't know that area very well and due to military commitments I don't have a lot of time to scout and I will only have two days to hunt. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Help!

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Would love to help you but

Would love to help you but I've never hunted 37. I have hunted 16, 30 and 34.

In 2005 I drew a 2nd season cow tag in 34. I did see some cow elk up in the mountains and everything seemed to be behaving normal. I even saw a nice bull along with that group of cows.

Good luck on your hunt.

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Alomogordo, huh?  Lots of my

Alomogordo, huh?  Lots of my co-workers in that area.... Thumbs up

Can't help with New Mexico, but wanted to say welcome to the site, and best of luck ont he hunt!

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Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the words of encouragement, but it seems no body has hunted this area. We have been scouting there a few times and the only elk we have seen are right off the main why and on private land. Seen plenty of mule deer. I wish this was I unit 34. I know that area and I know where plenty of large elk are.

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I have been told of elk in

I have been told of elk in the pine lodge area and have seen them between White Oaks and the rode north out of Captain.

I have not hunted 37 since the late 80s but I like the area, just havent had the opp.

Good luck.

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