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Need help identifying Remington 700 375 H&H Mag

I just picked this Remington 700 in 375 H&H Mag at the gun show today on a trade and was not exactly sure of the exact model, year, price.  It has a Leupold Vari X III 1.5-5 Scope on it.  I was hoping anyone could possibly help me out with any of them to see if I got took.  I am not sure If I am keeping or selling this one.  It is in good shape but I think maybe a little too big for what I do.  And yes I tried to figure it out with the Remington society webpage but got confused.  The code on the left side of the barrel looks like a XO.  Thanks in advance.



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Not sure either

Looks kind of like a custom shop gun.

I don't think the barrel code system applies to your gun, as that ended in 1972, according to my Standard Catalog book.  However, the Remington Society suggests it would have been built in 1977.

However, that looks like cut checkering and a nonstandard pad, also I'm pretty sure that that's not how Remington would stamp it's barrels.  Can you show me a picture of the left side of the barrel that has the manufacturers markings, where there's also a warning label and all that?

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I'd also agree with what's said above that the rifle does not appear to be a standard M700 BDL model. By the "A" as the 1st charactar in the serial number, I'd say the rifle was produced in 1980. It certainly does look like a very nice rifle and a quality scope on top to boot.

Best of luck with it!


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