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need help on gmu 521

I have been bowhunting around Mclure campground off of 133 highway for two years now and i can never find the elk. It seems i am always a step behind them. Does anyone know of anygood areas near by that i should try or any tips on where i should be in that unit on opening day. I have tried hunting around ponds and wallows and see alot of sign but just can't figure them out. Last year i finally found them but they were on private ground on jacobs ranch in the oak brush on my last day of bow season should i be trying to find the oak brush and be hunting it on opening day.

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Maybe I can help you out a

Maybe I can help you out a bit.  I am not sure about the archery and muzzleloader seasons, but the area that you are hunting gets a lot of hunting pressure during the rifle seasons.  That is one problem, but may not have a great effect on you during September unless they have good memories.


Also there is a recreational trail (non-motorized) that goes through that area from the pass all the way down to Erickson Springs, and that gets a lot of use by hikers, horses and especially bicycle riders.  Those people are usually pretty quiet, but that may not be helping you out too much either.


I have hunted near there, but not exactly where you are, however I have talked to many hunters that hunt that area.  I think you have figured out the problem that you have with locating the elk.  I have been told that there are plenty of elk in that area – and they are on the private lands.  There is a long stretch of private land along the highway that starts just south of the pass and goes all the way down to Route 12, so your access is limited and perhaps there are a number of hunters that are accessing in the limited area near where you are and thus the elk may move over a bit and onto the private lands.


There are a few ranches along that stretch that like the elk and they make a bit of money with outfitters, etc so they have a tendency to have some nice feed and water areas for them and once the elk get there – there is little incentive to leave.  There are also a few large ranches that just do not allow any hunters on them and one of those is very near the other ranch that you mentioned.


I realize that I am not saying a whole lot that you have not already observed, but I thought that I would confirm your observations a bit.


I think if I were you, I would move to another location. You have spent two seasons there and not found the elk in areas that you have access to, so I would try an area that has more public lands or at least is situated so that the private lands are not such a magnet to the elk.


Good luck with your hunt.   

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thanks a liittle advice is

thanks a liittle advice is still better then no advice and know we need to try a different place for bow season but every year there are elk shot by muzzleloaders in that same area we see them every year we pull into camp but it just the matter of finding them in the 7 days we have to hunt. so we are trying the first part of the season this year maybe they won't be hiding earlier in the year if it isnt to hot

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