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Need help on a gear bag!!

Im wondering if anyone can give me some good suggestions on gear bags and packs. Im looking for a good backpack or fanny pack that aint to big but aint to small either. I need something that will carry about a days worth of gear, like my calls, extra clothing like head gear and gloves, binoculars, etc. So if i could get some help i would appreciate it. thanks.

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Need help on a gear bag!!

Look at Bison Gear. I am really impressed with their packs.

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Need help on a gear bag!!

I bought an excellent backpack for a day hunt from Rocky. It is the SIQ Top Load Back Pack. Lots of compartments 2680 cu capacity and super comfy to wear. I am real picky about packs and this one beat out a lot of them. Was only 90.00 Can too.

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